Investment Philosophy

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Your financial health comes first.

HORNE Wealth Advisors meet your goals with evidence-based, tax-efficient and cost-conscious investing for the long term.

Our investment philosophy is built on the belief that markets work. 

We focus on building investment portfolios based on decades of unbiased, peer-reviewed financial research, rather than chasing ‘hot’ stocks. It is an approach based on facts and evidence, not opinions and speculation. And as registered investment advisors, we are legally obligated to always put your best interests first. 

Our philosophy brings transparency to your investment strategy. You only take on the amount of risk needed to achieve your financial goals.  And with no sales pitches or commissions, you minimize your investing costs. 

We’ve chosen to collaborate with a select group of partners who share our belief that markets are inherently efficient over the long term. These partnerships extend the support, information and safeguards clients know and expect from HORNE. 

BAM Alliance

The BAM Alliance is a community of more than 140 independent wealth management firms working together to safeguard our clients’ financial futures. The BAM Alliance community allows HORNE Wealth Advisors access to  deeper research and reporting, diverse insights and expertise, and more time to serve you. Learn more about the BAM Alliance.

Dimensional Fund Advisors

Dimensional Fund Advisors has been a leader in academic investment market research for decades. Together, we produce reliable investment solutions based on a demonstrated evidence-based investing approach. With their insight about markets, returns, diversification, and investment trade-offs, we are equipped to meet the needs of investors with diverse investment goals.  Learn more about Dimensional Fund Advisors.


HORNE Wealth Advisors partners with independent, qualified investment custodians Schwab, Fidelity, and TD Ameritrade to hold your securities for safekeeping.  We help you manage your investments, while they are held in accounts controlled by you and your custodian. Depending on your needs and preferences, we advise on which of the options can provide the greatest asset, cyber security and account safeguards for your money.