Individuals and Families

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You are a disciplined steward. Your HORNE Wealth Advisor handles your wealth planning with the same care.

Financial independence takes a lifetime of earning, spending and investing with your family in mind. HORNE Wealth Advisors provides the resources and counsel to help you make sure your stewardship is felt across your lifetime and for generations to come.

The HORNE Wealth Advisors approach is elegant and simple. We build relationships, ask questions, and offer guidance and mechanisms for enhancement, transfer, protection and giving based on your goals and risk thresholds. Whether your objective is to minimize income and estate taxes, plan for large purchases, or allocate assets to a purpose, we help you meet wealth planning goals over the long term, even as circumstances change.

High Net Worth Wealth Services

  • Perform complete inventory and evaluation of your financial picture (or position)
  • Analysis of your needs, considering current living expenses, expectations for paying off debt and future education expenses
  • Proper planning to handle asset distribution and estate liquidity
  • Seek to maximize after-tax returns by capturing risk adjusted market returns
  • Personalized portfolio of institutional mutual funds that provide broad diversification, utilize tax-efficient strategies and have lower expenses
  • Proactive recommendations for life insurance, disability and long-term care needs, based on your risk and needs assessments