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Effective retirement planning addresses financial concerns for you and your employees.

As a business owner, funding and planning for retirement falls on your shoulders. HORNE Wealth Advisors understands that you are not only striving to meet your own needs and goals, but the needs and goals of your employees as well.

Working closely with you, we identify investment vehicles that balance risk and cost, and offer what we believe will provide the greatest benefit to your business and personal future. Whether you are planning for succession, mapping out life after a business transition, or even seeking a 401K plan that can attract and keep the best employees, our guidance answers your specific needs.

HORNE Wealth Advisors manages the retirement planning needs of many organizations already reliant on HORNE for accounting, tax and business advisory services. We use a data driven approach to build portfolios and benchmark performance. Your investment mix is structured around institutional mutual funds, and mechanisms are in place to enhance asset value and reduce costs over time.

Retirement Planning Services

  • Outline all steps necessary to achieve the investor’s desired standard of living in retirement
  • Evaluate existing retirement assets and incomes to create a step-by-step plan for reaching investment goals
  • Complete inventory and evaluation of your financial picture or position
  • Analysis of investor coverage needs, considering current living expenses, expectations for paying off debt and future education expenses
  • Personalized portfolio of institutional mutual funds that provide broad diversification, utilize tax-efficient strategies and have lower expenses
  • Proactive recommendations for life insurance, disability and long-term care needs, based on risk and needs assessments
  • Succession planning to ensure your business can continue to provide financial resources for your family